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Touchless Computer

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What is a Touchless Computer ?


Touchless Computer enables the computer to take inputs/ instructions in the form of touchless physical movements, these inputs are processed and interpreted by system algorithms to give the desired output or actions required by the user . Glory Star Touchless Computer is integrated with a  digital hand tracking controller capturing movement of users hands and fingers so that they can interact naturally with digital contents.

Glory Star Touchless Computer  is capable of tracking hands within a 3D interactive zone that extends up to 60 cm ( 24”) or more, extending from the device in a 140x120° typical field of view. The  software is able to discern 27 distinct hand elements, including bones and joints, and track them even when they are obscured by other parts of the hand

Why Touchless Computer? 

The difficulty of sterilizing computers has increased the use of touchless interfaces. Touchless User Interfaces in the workplace allows a frictionless and hygienic way of which employees and visitors interact with the workplace environment and systems. Traditional touchscreen interfaces can be retrofitted with touchless gesture control easily with the hand tracking controller being able to detect a user’s hand in mid air and converting it to be an on - screen cursor.

Touchless Computer Features