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A simple, ‘out of the box’ temperature checking system

DPA spoke with Tony Large, Technical Director at Crystal Display Systems (CDS) to learn more about how the TAURI temperature checking tablet can minimise the spread of infection. As lockdown is lifted and life slowly adapts to the new realities of social distancing and enhanced levels of hygiene and symptom awareness, Crystal Display Systems is...more

Press release June 2020

Assuring post-lockdown workplace security & safety with temperature sensing tablets

As the world attempts to resume normal working life post-COVID-19, designer, distributor & value added reseller of display solutions, Crystal Display Systems (CDS) is partnering with commercial tablet & kiosk specialist, Glory Star to help assure security & safety in post-lockdown workplaces....more

Press release June 2020

Corona-Krise: Händler setzen auf Fieber-Check

Um die Risiken einer Ansteckung mit dem Coronavirus weitgehend zu verhindern, setzen Einzelhändler inzwischen auch Systeme ein, die es erlauben, die Körpertemperatur der Konsumenten zu messen. stores+shops präsentiert eine Auswahl.

Viele Anbieter von Wärmebildkameras...more

Press release May 2020

Glory Star präsentiert Tablets mit Infrarot-Temperatursensoren

Das Zugangskontrollsystem Tauri misst die Körpertemperatur innerhalb einer Sekunde per Infrarot-Detektor. Es identifiziert möglicherweise infektiöse Personen und hilft so bei der Eindämmung von mit Fieber assoziierten Infektionserkrankungen...more

Press release May 2020

Covid19: Biometrisches Kamerasystem misst Körpertemperatur

Press release May 2020

Die tbm GmbH und ihr asiatischer Partner haben mit Tauri Infrarot-Detektor ein neuartiges Kamerasystem vorgestellt , das in Zeiten von Corona die Zugangskontrolle erleichtern könnte. Das Tauri Zutrittskontrollsystem ist ein biometrisches Infrarot-Kamerasystem zur vollautomatischen Temperaturmessung. Das Kamerasystem kann beispielsweise am Eingang von Geschäften, Fitness-Studios oder Flughäfen und Bahnhöfen installiert werden...more

Glory Star’s Newest Star:

TAURI, a Temperature Check System

Glory Star introduces TAURI—a temperature-check-system, for more health-safety in today’s world of pandemics. The infrared temperature sensor, developed in Germany, has the capability to scan and measure a person’s body temperature within 3 seconds. To keep it more hygienic, the entire process is hands-free and touch-free! TAURI—available now...more

Press release Hong Kong, April 2020

Aurora Multimedia Releases Temperature Sensing Tablet

Press release April 2020

The What: Aurora Multimedia, in collaboration with Glory Star, is releasing its TTS-10, a 10-inch Android based all-in-one infrared temperature sensing tablet. It is offered in 15.6- and, 21.5-inch size sensing tablets with a variety of stands, desktop, and wall mount options...more

Glory Star partners with Aurora on temperature check tablet - USA and South America

Press release Morganville, NJ, April 2020

MORGANVILLE, NJ April 16th, 2020, — Aurora Multimedia Corp. introduces an AV industry first in collaboration with Glory Star™, a trusted partner for years. In Morganville, Aurora announces the TTS-10, an Android based all-in-one infrared temperature sensing tablet. It is offered in 10”, 15.6”, 21.5” size sensing tablets with a variety of stands, desktop, and wall mount options...

Biometric camera system for fever measurement

In times of COVID-19, tbm GmbH is launching the TAURI access control system, a biometric infrared camera system developed by Asian partner Glory Star for fully automatic temperature measurement on the German market.

The TAURI infrared detector was developed to ensure that people do not have elevated body temperatures before entering rooms and issues warnings if a person should not enter rooms for this reason...

Press release Munich, April 2020

The largest specialist of keyboards will be providing Glory Star Touch solutions to the UK market

Press release Jan. 2, 2020

MILTON KEYNES, LONDON announced that KeyBoard Specialist UK, the largest specialist of keyboards will be providing Glory Star touch solutions to the UK Market.

What are the benefits to the market for the partnership between KBS and Glory Star?

Glory Star Touch Tablets are an extension to KBS ‘s keyboard solutions, for all applications where there is a need to display more information and control commands that require layers of information. Through the partnership with Glory Star, KBS will be able to provide local solutions for integration of touch tablets. 

Data collection is important to every company for making better decisions for their clients, and a touch interface control platform allows for data to be driven through calculated touches; an example of this would be a coffee machine would be able to collect data for the quantity and types of coffee being ordered, sending information back to the cloud which allows for product improvements and/or adjust the quantity and types of coffee required for each location. 

KBS has profound experience in keyboard control fields of Banking, Retail & POS, Dental and Medical and enhancing their portfolio to include Glory Star Android or Windows touch screens will be game changing. 

About KeyBoard Specialist (KBS)

KBS has grown rapidly to become one of the largest specialist internet retailers of Keyboards and Keyboard Accessories in the UK and around the World, distributing and selling special keyboards and customisable accessories since 2006.



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