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Hotel Solutions


Experience the convenience and flexibility of our digital lobby displays.

Digital Signage in a hotel lobby can enhance the guest experience by providing useful information, promoting hotel amenities, and creating a visually appealing environment.

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Self Check-in Kiosk

Improve the efficiency and speed of check-in process, reduce wait times and provide guests with a convenient and hassle free experience. Available 24/7, allowing guests to check-in anytime, even outside of regular front desk hours.


Helping guests navigate the hotel and find their way to different areas such as their rooms, restaurants, conference room and other amenities.  It can improve the guest experience, reduce confusion and frustrations and enhance the overall perception of the hotel.

Guest Room Interface 

Provide guests with convenient and personalized access to information and services such as room controls, room service, information and recommendations, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction with their stay.

Hotel Menuboard

Display menus and allow guests to place order as well as to provide information about the restaurant's offerings and specials.

Hotel Fitness center

Provide guests with information about available classes, services and schedules as well as allow guests to book appointments or reserve equipment.

Glory Star Touchscreen for Hotel Solutions.

Glory Star Touchscreen is an exceptional solution for hotels, offering a multitude of benefits that make it highly suitable for hotel industry.

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