IN-Cell Touch Screen

The Glory Star INFINITUS In-Cell  Touch Screen is 73% thinner in frame bezel and 50% lighter than traditional LCD Touch Screens.  The INFINITUS In-Cell  Touch Screen Technology combines the touch glass and LCD display  into one single layer display providing a thinner, lighter form factor , displaying sharper and more vibrant colors  as well as more visibility than traditional LCD Screens.

Traditional LCD Screens have the LCD Panel, the digitiser and then the glass panel, thus you end up viewing screen content through multiple layers, which leads to a washed out effect.


73% thinner 
50% lighter

Infinitus in cell touch screen

Android and Windows Platform made easy

Glory Star INFINITUS In-Cell Touch Screen is compatible with Android and Windows Platform, allowing you to  install your own android applications or use it as a computer at your ease. 

With the slim edge it enhances panel display area, HDR  allows seeing details in bright or dark capture , high contrast ratio, 4K experience, multi touch screen and high transparency anti glare. 

Whether viewing straight or at an angle, close up from a distance, Glory Star INFINITUS In-Cell Touch Screen offers optimal clarity. Enabling multi touch points with fast and extremely sensitive response time and anti glare glass to reduce reflection. 

Featuring a metal housing with  edge-to-edge glass, this display can be installed in any  commercial environment 

The interactive display can be mounted on a wall or in a fully encased kiosk for added durability or aesthetics.

Infinitus in cell touch screen

Unified Style Across Sizes

From 32 and 43inches, choose the digital signage display size

that fits each space perfectly.


Sleeker Design with MORE Visibility


73% thinner in Bezel Frame than traditional LCD Screen

7.9 MM narrow bezel as compared to the traditional 29.5mm bezel  providing more visual space, clarity of images and text on the screen. Providing sharper and more  vibrant videos and text.

Infinitus in cell touch screen
Infinitus in cell touch screen

BetteR ClaritY AND 4K

Using AG Anti glare manufacturing process turning the display to a matte non reflective surface to increase display authenticity. 4K applicable to 43inch only.


 low blue light 

Filtering excess blue light, flicker free quality and providing  eye comfort experience

Infinitus in cell touch screen
Infinitus in cell touch screen


High Dynamic Range Capture 

Using HDR  ( High Dynamic Range) multi exposure technique to capture bright and dark areas without losing details.  Allowing you to see details in shots by widening the exposure range. 


1.5 times More Colors than traditional LCD Screen

Authentic display quality with 16.7 million colors as compared to traditional 260,000 colors. 

4K Quality 3840*2160 ultra-clear resolution, high-contrast ,enhanced image quality layer provides clear and sharp image quality and precision

Infinitus in cell touch screen
Infinitus in cell touch screen

Adding 25% more color space than traditional sRGB

Apple developed the DCI-P3 variant for wide gamut displays adding 25% more color space than traditional sRGB.