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About Glory Star

About Glory Star Group


We are the leading provider and manufacturer for industry focused touch solutions.


We are the pioneer of display screen and all-in-one touch interface, the company has more than 800,000 units of installation in fitness, retail, self-service and building automation industry globally. We offer customization of tablets allowing you direct access to engineers with a broad selection of screens from 4.3” to 43”. We bring engagement to users through the use of tablet technology.

Glory Star provides the broadest selection of OEM kiosk tablets,  commercial tablets, and all-in-one touch computers for different markets, including building automation, industrial automation, interactive kiosks, healthcare, office equipment, retail displays, transportation applications and point of sale devices.

Glory Star Group was formed in a time where huge technological advancements were made and continues to thrive by adapting to the trends in technology in 1984.. Mr. Cheung, the founder of Glory Star Group, after graduation from National Taipei University of Technology, moved to Hong Kong at the age of 25 with USD200 in his pocket and a passion for success. The business in its early stages started by trading calculators and smoothly transitioned to reselling the world's first cell phone, the Motorola DynaTAC 8000M. Weighing in at 2 pounds (picture this - the heaviest phone at the moment is the iPhone Pro Max weighing at 0.49 pounds!), it was one of the biggest breakthroughs in technology and the hefty price tag to acquire one was $3,995 USD at the time.

New developments in the company lead to the addition of Mr. Cheung’s children. Hermann Cheung graduated with a Master’s degree in HKUST in Engineering Management, and a mechanical engineering degree from California State University. Cindy Cheung graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from University of London and a Business Degree from University of Hong Kong. In addition to the growing team at Glory Star, it was decided that the new company vision was to develop Android tablets. It didn’t take long before Glory Star became one of the pioneers for touch screen tablets and as of today has installed over 800,000 worldwide. 

Our vision

To accelerate the world's transition to connected devices

1.  Empowering industries to connect their devices for data collection allowing better judgements and decisions


2.  To build customers for LIFE based on trust and responsibility. 

3.  Creating a smarter manufacturing process

4.  To empower a learning Culture

5.  To localize and globalize

Our mission

We have

3-5 years availablity
3-5 years availablity
Commercial tablets worldwide (words)_edi
Commercial tablets Manufacturer for 40 years
Commercial tablets 30 years (words)_edit
Commercial tablets installation (words)_

Production Facilities

To control our quality, we do in-house manufacturing. We build and manage our own production line


Engineering Team

To further support customization and development, we have our own engineering team to answer all requirements 

We provide the broadest selection

Commercial Android Tablet

Commercial Android tablets

JARVIS series

Touchscreen Computer

Touchscreen Computer

NEBULA series

ULT156 Ultron Windows Touchscreen Computer

Windows Touchscreen Computer

ULTRON series

VEGA Intercom System

In Wall Touch Screen

VEGA series

For different markets

smart home

Smart Home


New Retail

industrial automation





Quick Service





building automation



Healthy Care

With the best support

Support RnD

In-House R&D

Our R&D professionals make new inventions and flexibility in modifications

Support open book

Open Book

We are an open book in order to confident you with our process

Support industry focus

Industry Focus

We provide solutions/products based on your industry's needs

Support quality

High Quality

We invest in good components to build high quality products

Support Pressure

Considerate service

We take the pressure off you and put it on us

Support key

Turnkey Solution

We provide total turnkey solutions from design to maintenance

Support high performance


We take care from design to after sales procedures to maintain high performance

Support stock


We stock and accept small orders


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