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Temperature Monitor Software

Manage temperature data anytime, anywhere.

Temperature monitor software is an application that fits Android to make them work together that suits your needs. With Temperature monitor software combined with our android tablet, you can plan your own schedule for your company and monitor people's access into the company with normal body temperature.

Temperature Monitor Software


Install temperature monitor software on Android tablet and connect with heat sensor to start monitoring people's body temperature. With temperature monitor software and sensor, customers can protect company staff by touchless checking through the device.


Temperature monitor software provides customers a safe, fast and accurate temperature check ability to create a protected working environment.

Temperature monitor software can be used anywhere

What can Tauri Cloud Temperature Monitor Software do?

TAURI Cloud is a powerful companion to all temperature check tablets where users can compare day to day temperature data, review abnormal cases, staff entry information, manage settings on multiple devices and review entire history of collected data.

temperature monitor software

Temperature analysis chart

Analyze and compare overall collected data with simple visual charts.

temperature monitor software

Visitor temperature results

View all visitor temperature check results (date, time and temperature).

temperature monitor software

Email notification settings

Enable notifications of abnormal cases and reports to list of chosen recipients.

temperature monitor software

Staff temperature results

View all staff temperature check results (date, time and temperature).

temperature monitor software

Detection records in devices

Organize devices by names or groups and view collected data of each device.

temperature monitor software

Add staff profiles

Give access rights and permissions of TAURI Cloud to sub-accounts.

Tailored to provide safety anytime and anywhere

The temperature monitor software available for Android table and for both indoor and outdoor use. Companies may set up a temperature monitor device at the front entrance to check the body temperature of every person entering the office. 24/7 working ability of temperature monitor software allows customers to monitor people's temperature accurately anytime. It helps users to keep their company in a safe environment.

temperature monitor software


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