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Our History



With the outbreak of Covid-19, sales quickly declined and it was starting to look bleak for businesses worldwide. During dinnertime Hermann and Cindy started questioning the lackluster experience of getting manually checked by the waiter at the front door of a local restaurant. Little did they know a simple dinner discussion between brother and sister was the start of TAURI, a highly customizable temperature checking tablet. With marketing, research and development, a highly sought after product was released into the market and the company became busier than ever before.

The Cheung’s are extremely grateful for being able to sustain Glory Star Group in this time and want to encourage everyone that there is still hope even in these tough times. To read the 40 Year Anniversary article click here.


Glory Star have transformed from a hardware focused company to a solution provider that have the capability to design, make hardware as well as program cloud and app platforms to enhance features and provide a wholesome solution with remote control features. One major breakthrough was supplying access control to the banking industry based on Linux, as well as completing Vega Cloud, our Access Control Platform having the capability to continuously improve. The company extended its sales effort in United Kingdom and Switzerland to better serve the European market.


In 2018, GloryStar have expanded its sales team in the USA  to excel in providing local services. More than 6000 Glory Star tablets were installed in fitness equipments and gym environments around the globe, the company have participated in projects to “gamify” the exercising experience. At the same time, the factory passed the ISO:2015 that landed in products qualifying in UL Certifications. Meanwhile, the engineering team started to code Glory Star’s first “VEGA OS”- the first intercom and in home software to consumers.

Commercial tablets
Commercial tablets


Officially signed distributor contracts in Denmark, Finland and other European countries. The company’s engineering team completed the next generation of Quad Core Android development, embarked projects in building Smart home consoles and Intercom systems for buildings. A new line of windows platform tablet was launched.


The company expanded Android applications into fitness indoor bikes, treadmills.  Officially signed contracts to distribute Glory Star products to Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey, Canada, Israel.

Commercial tablets
Commercial tablets


More than 6,000 units of 21.5-inch Android Tablets were deployed to German’s largest Grocery chain store for inventory management system to grow with the mobile management strategy. In the same year, Wow wee, ordered 10,000 units of 7-inch digital signage systems in store. The company received recognition in the market for its customization capabilities and experience in developing android platforms, and started receiving attention for developing touch screen consoles to fitness equipment.


Over 4000 units of 18.5-inch interactive screens were deployed to Toys R Us USA and over 6000 21.5-inch screens to El Corte Ingles Shops in Spain.


Over 10, 000 units of digital signage shelf screens were deployed to the largest retail chain stores El Corte Engles in Spain and Auchan, in France.


Signed an official exclusive partnership for the German Market and complied the product/ production to German standard quality


The company re-trained its engineering team into a new programming language, getting prepared for developing a new line of android hardware platform.


Over 3,000 units of 18.5-inch digital signage screens were deployed in Toys R Us United Kingdom at self-edge and in gondola ends.


Engineered the very first interactive media player custom circuitry boards for Sony Music. In the same year, the company made a breakthrough of manufacturing OLED screens to the display technologies.


The engineering team’s capability won recognition and with the rapid development of the Chinese economy, the company deployed over 10,000 units of 19inch industrial monitors to the Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing subway trains.


Walmart deployed a few thousand units of 12inch interactive digital signage systems with a new system of collecting data through motion sensor.


The first European partnership was signed and LCD flash media players became a new form of marketing replacing traditional paper advertising promotion in store. A Disney France contract was signed to create an interactive kids corner with new flash technology.


To be in control of product quality, the company built its first production line in Shenzhen. The product line quickly expanded to 10inch, 15inch and 22inch.


An engineering team was formed inventing the new VIDEO FLASH PLAYER. In a year of time, a 7inch Compact Flash Card Media Player with embedded OS was launched, the company became the pioneer of the FLASH MEDIA PLAYER technology.


The company invested in LCD Technology Production in Taiwan and developed Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Technology, where the very first era of LCD Televisions were produced.


Glory Star Group was founded in 1984 as a consumer electronics trading company in Hong Kong and soon became one of the largest official partner for distributing Motorola Cell Phones – selling over 1 million cell phones into the Chinese Market.