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What is Tauri Covid-19 Digital
Vaccine Record Verify?

TAURI Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record Verify provides an instant verification scan result to your digital copy of COVID 19 vaccine record. To use this vaccine record checker, you must retrieve your vaccination record in a QR Code format. The vaccine record QR code displays information such as vaccination type, date and location to validate the authenticity of the vaccination record of your visitors providing an extra layer of protection. TAURI Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record Verify automatically speeds up the check-in process at trade shows, museums, hotels, restaurants and bars, shops, etc.

Digital vaccine record verify

Digital Vaccine Record Verify
safety first

Verify COVID-19 vaccination records of visitors and customers checking into your place of business and venues automatically with a vaccine record QR code scanner.

Tauri Vaccine Record Verification validates vaccination records

Make sure the vaccine records of people who enter the premises are valid and directly issued from Government authorities.

Color coded results

You can quickly see whether your visitors are being Vaccine Verified, Partially verified or Not Verified.

Speed up process of checking in

TAURI Vaccine Record Verify is the best tool for instant results to know if your visitors have been vaccinated or not - avoid line ups and crowds!

Three sizes to choose from

10 inch, 15.6 inch and 21.5 inch.

Optional features: Temperature checking and Mask checking with reminder message