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Nebula Plus Computer Tablet

Nebula Plus Computer Tablet is designed as an all in one self service kiosk. The tablet combines a commercial grade reliability with the powerful processor and an optional power over ethernet ( POE).


The tablet offers a wide assortment of optional peripherals such as, RFID/NFC readers and barcodes that enables flexibility for rigorous use  in continuous public use for fitness consoles, system terminals, retail e-catalog, employee access control, corporate check in, restaurant self ordering, hotel check in, etc.


It is not a consumer table and engineers for commercial environments with a supported 3 year supply where it is developed for fixed applications. A license free kiosk lockdown app is installed in Nebula, not only that Glory Star offers a high level of customization that allows customers to integrate tablets such as touch screens to your AIOT products.

Nebula Plus Computer Tablet Features

Nebula Plus Computer Tablet Overview

One modular kiosk tablet, used pretty much everywhere