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Nebula is designed as an all in one self service kiosk. The tablet combines a commercial grade reliability with the powerful ROCKCHIP 3288 processor. The tablet offers a wide assortment of optional peripherals such as magnetic card swipe, RFID/NFC readers and barcodes that enables flexibility for rigorous use in continuous public use for fitness consoles, system terminals, retail e-catalog, employee access control, corporate check in, restaurant self ordering, hotel check in, etc. It is not a consumer table and engineered for commercial environments with a supported 3 year supply.


Commercial Grade

Optional POE

Open API

Original PCBA design went through Temperature shock test 10,000 times, stress test 10 hours, drop test 3 times. Screen life up to 10,000 hours.

Installing a power plug is expensive, POE is the solution that offers a lower voltage cost. Combines power and internet cable (RJ45) all in one.

Allow developers and software engineers to access features or data of the Android OS application and other services to enable higher levels of customization.

JARVIS Commercial android tablet STAROS Kiosk app

Operating System


FREE Kiosk Lockdown App

Star Touch

NEBULA features Android 7.1 / Android 9.0(Nougat) on particular models, giving you the possibility to the latest Android Version.
Auto start videos, webpages and apps, and prevent unwanted third party from accessing Android systems. Ensure a secure and stable in wall touch screen in business environments.

Make your own touch screen content, by simply insert your videos and images to create your own touch screen with JARVIS. No coding required

Optional Peripherals

RFID Reader

The RFID/NFC reader tracks and identify devices automatically. This reader can be installed by end-users easily and offers easy installation.

Magnetic Stripe Reader (M.S.R.)

The M.S.R. is read by swiping past a magnetic read band. M.S.R.'s are commonly used to process credit cards, identify cards and transportation tickets.

1D/2D Barcode Scanner

Integrated with Newland EM1365 to provide flexibility to data collection and price checker applications. Mainly used to open a browser or a page upon scan.

  industry-focused design

USB Slot for 4G Dongle

2 x 5W Stereo speaker

NEBULA Accessories plug

SIM CARD/Clock cell cover

I/O Cover (Cable management)

NEBULA Accessories plug

Button 1 (User define)

Volume up/down

Customizable Metal Plate



The secured USB slot is design for static and high-value USB device, e.g. 4G Dongle, High capacity USB drive etc. 

***This feature only available on NEB215***

I/O cover

The I/O cover is a security cover to avoid accidental disconnection with other peripherals. In addition, it helps manage data and power cable.

nebula projects

Bring the gym home with this smart fitness tech

The problem

The biking company had to cater to a new target group of customers which are people motivated by group workouts but washed they didn't have to leave their house to do them.

How can we integrate a touch tablet to the bike surely and safely that could stream live classes and collect data through bluetooth connectivity to the tablet to display rider's performance and create an out of the box motivating "group workout anytime" experience.

The solution

NEBULA 15.6" and 21.5" is the bet fit for integration to indoor bikes, treadmills or water rowers to create this immerse experience of connected fitness.

USB slot

nebula sdk

For Custom IOT Touch

Console Solution

Change boot logo

Modify system setting

Optimize kernel drivers

System and hardware permission

Complete control of firmware OS


  • Application of the project

  • SDK fee starting at 5000 USD

  • Number of developers customer have

  • SDK fee - Documents are in Chinese/English
    language, must translate documents on your

  • 2 weeks support for initial compiling after user
    received SDK or 3 free case support - After 3 case, each case support is 90 USD/hour

  • Update support up to 1 year (only support 1 engineer per company, additional engineers
    will count as new SDK fee


Release notes

Official release logs

Technical documents (registered account required)

All technical documents (please sign in to view documents - approval takes up to one business day)

User guides

Nebula all sizes


Nebula frequently asked questions

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