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Temperature check concierge embedded anywhere

Reopen safely, manage employee/visitor data and save money

Tauri can easily take on multiple roles

Company greeter, receptionist, health auditor, visitor management and control building access.

Free OTA updates to latest features

Over the air updates included with all purchases

Simple integration and customization

Switch from Tauri to your own app, website or looping videos.

Make the entire visiting experience quick, simple and seamless.

Check-in employees/guests and guide visitors with no staff present.

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Why choose Tauri?

Access control

Only allow access to visitors or staff with successful scans and check whether a mask has been worn.

License free lockdown software

Staros lockdown app is provided with all purchases.

Face detection and recognition

Differentiates a human face from other objects. ​It can provide a reminder alert if a person is not protected with a facial mask.

HDMI Display Output

Display TAURI device output on any monitor of your choice using auxiliary HDMI output.

Variety of workflow selections

Switch between detection, printing, door control and questionnaire.

Turn on/off temperature detection

Use Tauri with your own app, website or looping videos including a license free lockdown software.


Self-calibrate to increase the accuracy of the infrared sensor.

German-made sensors

All sensors used are developed in Germany and tested rigorously for quality assurance.

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Compliant and approved

We make sure Tauri is safe and up to standard so you don't have to

NDAA Compliant

Secure Campus Awards 2021

FDA Compliant

Patent pending

CE, FCC, ROHS Approved

2 Years warranty

DFA Merit

Award 2020


  • Custom Result Message

    Change the display message when a high temperature is detected.

  • Display Signage

    Play customized video and photos when no scans are performed on TAURI. Promote brand/products with a personalized message.

  • Email Notifications

    An email will automatically be sent when a person has been detected with high temperature. The email will be a snapshot of the persons face.

  • Custom Reminder Message

    Change the display message when a person is not wearing a mask.

  • Questionnaire

    Customize 10 questions to ask people who get temperature checked, including response log.


  • Switch between Tauri and other apps

    Embed the check in process of any establishment with temperature checking.

  • The data collected from TAURI be sent to a designated server, allowing integration with third party.

    API 3rd Party Integration

    The data collected from TAURI be sent to a designated server, allowing integration with third party.

  • Print Results of Scan

    Print out details of temperature check for each person using a Glory Star approved printer. Print with or without face image.

  • Access Control via Relay

    Connect USB Relay Box to Tauri for access control and only allow staff and visitors with successful scans to enter.

  • Update APKS, Website, Videos and Firmware

  • Temperature Check Analysis Chart

  • Add Staff Profiles

  • Remote Control and Monitor Devices​

  • Assigning User Rights

  • Display Staff Temperature Check Results

  • Install and Uninstall Apps

  • Export and Auto Send Weekly + Monthly Reports

  • Display Visitor Temperature Check Results

  • Detection Records in Devices







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Got the Tauri temp monitor devices today. Already installed them, and I love them. Great recommendation, awesome tool for us to use in this day in age. I hope you both have a great week. Take care

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