NEBULA Android Box
  • NEBULA Android Box

    The Nebula Box is an Android engine that is capable of running audio and video contents, interactive HTML websites and Android based apps. Users can easily scale Nebula Box to many sizes and form factors. It is equipped with numerous RS232 supporting peripheral for scanning, payment, printing and biometic input.


    • Commercial grade
      • PCB design for long term use and stress tested over 100 times
    • Robust outer shell
      • Sturdy metal casing is built to stand the test of time and protects all hardware inside
    • Highly expandible
      • Connectivity to RS232 and other I/O allows NEBULA Android Box to adapt to different business applications.


    Deploying a kiosk is as simple as it seems! NEBULA Android Box pairs with any screen and StarOS to bring a solution that is not only lower in cost but easy to integrate into any business environment. Along with NEBULA Android Box's commercial grade reliability and versatility, each product is designed to bring your kiosk solution dreams to reality.

    • Processor

      The Rockchip 3288, 4 core, 1.8GHz power consumption is optimal for applications such as imaging/video, communication and broadband infrastructure, and performance audio applications.

    • I/O Connectivity

      The NEBULA Box has a range of connectivity options; 

      • RJ45, SD card Micro
      • USB (USB OTG)
      • USB
      • HDMI, Audio out (Φ3.5mm x1)
      • Recover
      • DCIN
      • RS232 x 2
      • Antenna WIFI
    • Software

      Integrate your NEBULA Android Box with StarOS to combine both hardware and software with ease. Save the hassle of figuring out how to manage your device(s) content securely.


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