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VEGA Cloud

Remotely manage all VEGA devices at the same time, systematically update and manage user requests in one single platform. VEGA Cloud improves security and efficiency for access control and property management at the same time providing flexibility. 

Remote manage. All devices. One platform.

what can vega cloud do ?

VEGA Cloud is powered by features reconfigured on demand for new buildings, user groups or sites. Flexibility increases user experience from building security. 

Allow the evolution of new features through over the air updates.

Remote update

Instantly send warning messages such as maintenance time schedule to residents

Push notification

Reduce labour cost by setting all SIP accounts in one platform

Remote setup SIP accounts

Without being at the facility, you can grant access to 3rd party with a limited time and access control

Virtual key

Reduce maintenance cost to be physically at site

Remote monitoring

Allow managers to check system utility events, such as login record, updates, etc.

Backlog filing

Multi-platform applicable

VEGA Cloud is unrestricted. It is accessible from every platform.

trial version

VEGA Cloud is free for testing and trial before purchase. Reach to us now.

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