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Meeting Room Tablet: St. Vincent's Private Hospital

Doctors and professionals needed an easy solution to book meetings and an efficient way to organize corporate meetings.

St. Vincent’s Private Hospital, part of the St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group, which also includes St. Vincent’s University Hospital and St. Michael’s Hospital. The healthcare group is owned by the Religious Sisters of Charity, who founded the University Hospital in 1834, and is a registered charity and a not-for-profit organization. They have over 1,100 staff including consultants, nursing staff, allied health and other care workers. With 236 Inpatient beds, 31 Daycare beds and 23 Daycare Oncology beds, we are also the largest Dublin private acute hospital.

The Problem

Doctors and professionals need a quiet place to engage to their meetings, and there was no easy solution when meetings had to book through one administrative personnel, people not showing up for meetings, rooms being double booked, and crashes LED to inconsistent bookings.

The Solution

Glory Star JARVIS Tablet together with our local Ireland meeting room software partner offered a cloud based meeting booking solution which entailed a centralized place to book and manage meetings. There were less rooms unoccupied and a better utilization of rooms and logging to a platform or mobile device for bookings made efficient of time.

JARVIS is embedded with a stripped down secure android platform and a lock down feature to prevent unauthorized access. It allowed unattended supervision, where the tablet would start on its own when power is plugged in. With the watchdog feature integrated, the tablet would reboot itself if it detects any malfunctions.

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