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[SVC Online] Glory Star Helps Businesses Safely Reopen With Contactless TAURI Temperature Check Tablet

AUG. 2020

InGear PR

TAURI Creates a Worry-Free, Private Temperature Screening Experience for Granting Facility Access Using Industry’s Most Accurate Infrared Sensor

TAURI Creates a Worry-Free, Private Temperature Screening Experience for Granting Facility Access Using Industry’s Most Accurate Infrared Sensor

Glory Star, the leading provider and manufacturer for commercial-grade tablet solutions, is helping businesses and organizations safely reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic with its popular self-service solution, the patent-pending TAURI Temperature Check Tablet. Designed to screen people noninvasively when entering healthcare, manufacturing or government facilities, hotels, restaurants, conference centers, retail stores, schools, and gyms, TAURI is a touch-free, highly accurate, quick, and private temperature check and messaging system in one tablet.

“In response to COVID-19, businesses and organizations are grappling with choosing temperature check products that don’t induce anxiety or put people at greater risk of exposure,” said Cindy Cheung, chief operating officer of Glory Star. “The idea for TAURI came to us after going out to eat and realizing how threatening gun-style readers are when they’re aimed at you. They also require extremely close contact with the operator. Because people are accustomed to tablets in their daily lives, TAURI makes temperature screening a more positive, calm, and familiar experience. Patrons only have to stand in front of it momentarily to have their temperature taken. It’s more welcoming and doesn’t require additional staff to operate it.”

Glory Star’s TAURI Temperature Check Tablet was built leveraging the same expertise and technology the company uses in its successful self-service tablet-based NEBULA Total Kiosks Series. TAURI ensures customers, employees, and guests who need access into a facility can be swiftly and safely scanned. It features a professional, high-quality infrared sensor that immediately detects and issues a customizable alert when a person is running a high temperature, and therefore should not enter the premises.

To ensure a positive, anxiety-free experience, the system’s result message can be customized. For example, if a high temperature is detected, the tablet can display a message such as, “Please step aside for a customer service agent to assist you.” The tablets are also equipped with an HDMI output, allowing results to be mirrored on a second screen, such as one located behind a reception or security desk. Both features keep health data private and secure.

TAURI is available in 7-inch, 10.5-inch, 15.6-inch, and 21.5-inch models and can be deployed anywhere using Glory Star’s VESA standard wall mounts, desktop mounts, or floor stands, which are also available as options. Each tablet is embedded with the TAURI Application, which immediately launches upon start-up and doesn’t require operators to sift through menus or additional applications. Initial setup and calibration take only seven minutes using the clear and simple interactive user interface.

Glory Star’s mission is to respond to customers’ needs with new solutions in unprecedented times. To solve evolving concerns for businesses as they reopen and return to normal operations, the company’s team of engineers continuously writes free firmware over-the-air updates, which add new tools to address arising concerns and recommendations.

TAURI combines a best-in-class sensor and body heat algorithm for fast temperature accuracy with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit (+/- 0.3 degrees Celsius) and a refresh rate of 64Hz. Based on a vast amount of biological and environmental factors that can impact temperature data, the system’s self-calibration feature automatically attunes to the environment of the room. Guests are scanned in three seconds and from up to three feet away, providing an efficient process.

The tablet also includes face detection and optional face recognition. Face detection differentiates a human face from other objects. Companies also can activate facial recognition capabilities, which detect if a person is not protected with a face mask and issue a reminder. It can also take a picture of the people with a high temperature reading and send an email notification to select personnel.

The open-based API is also designed for greater system integration. The data collected from TAURI devices can be sent to a designated server. In addition, the device can be connected to control door access via USB relay.

TAURI is designed as both an immediate and long-term communications tool. It can share personalized messages or act as signage. When the organization no longer needs to scan temperatures, that feature can be deactivated while the message feature can continue to be an integral component for welcoming guests into the building or for advertising. The result is greater long-term ROI.

The TAURI Temperature Check Tablet is available worldwide from select authorized distributors. Glory Star offers North American technical support on all TAURI products. More information about TAURI is available at

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