VEGA 7 -In Wall Touch Screen

In wall touch screen

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FOR SMART HOMES/smart buildings

Dedicated access for the whole family VEGA In-wall touch screens offer an ideal user interface for controlling all the technology in a home, office, hotel or apartment building. Touch screens simplify the way of using technology, getting rid of those piles of remote controls, clunky smart phone apps, computer screens and cluttered wall switches. Available in 7” and 10” sizes, VEGA In-wall touch screens provide dedicated, responsive and simple controls, high resolution graphics and look amazing on any wall. All models include HD video intercom and crystal-clear audio intercom for convenient communication from room to room or with visitors at the door.

SMART HOME MODULE compatibility


VEGA is compatible with various home automation protocol, including KNX, Amazon Alexa, Z-wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 

Commercial grade

original PCB design for 24/7

  • Temperature shock test 10000 times

  • Stress test 10 hours

  • Drop test 3 times

  • Screen life 10000 hours up

Power over Ethernet

Using POE Technology, VEGA in-wall touch screens get its operating power right through the network cable without needing an extra power cable or a dedicated power wiring. If you don’t want to use POE, VEGA has an WAGO 12V for power cable connection.


ambient light sensor


Ambient levels of screen brightness will adjust automatically to room light.  

Room temperature could be detected through temperature sensors and proximity sensor is embedded in Vega to enable an activation of screen when someone passes by.


echo-cancelling microphone

VEGA In-wall touch screens include video intercom featuring crystal clear audio for communication from room to room or with visitors at the door. Video Intercom allows seeing who is at the front door, check in on sleeping babies or call everyone in the house for dinner.

Open API& fully customiSable

Glory Star's engineer team specializes in coding the Android OS firmware, we provide custom firmware services and open APIs. Open API allow developers and software engineers to access the features or data of the android operating system, application and other services to enable a high level of customization and integration to your product/ services.​​


VEGA In-wall touch screens are fully customisable with built in Android 7.1, open API supported by Glory Star. Customers can freely customize and connect smart home modules controlled by VEGA. Integrate any desired smart home app on VEGA in-wall touch for an easy to use control display to enhance personal experience.

Artificial IntelligencE ready

  • Face recognition

  • Voice recognition

  • Noise cancelling



  • Website lockdown

  • APP lockdown

  • Media looping

  • Scheduled on/off

STAROS a kiosk lockdown app is installed into VEGA, STAROS allow users to auto start videos, webpages and apps, as well as preventing unwanted third party
from accessing into the android system.
Functions including hiding bottom bars, scheduling on/off timers, setting user rights and auto looping video/ photos are in the app to hassle free developers from developing apps to lockdown their apps. The goal is to ensure a safe, secure and stable in wall touch screen in the use of a business environments.

stands & mounts


VEGA7" In-wall mount


KNX module

Zigbee Module

Z-wave module

Front Camera (2M)


i/o ports



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