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The next generation of fitness control console

Indoor fitness equipment has been around for a very long period of time already, however the innovation of such product have not seen any significant progress. With the emerging technology of cloud computation, social network and A.I. technology, there could be a chance that we could see how the fitness control console can guide the user to a more healthier lifestyle.

Traditional fitness console tends to provide local data on the spot and are very easy to forget once the exercise has been completed. The connection between the user and fitness exist merely in the gym floor and no more interaction afterwards. Therefore one would forget able heading to the gym again and sometimes cannot find the motivation to do so. I also have a treadmill at home, but like everyone else it's just sitting in the living room as a decoration. With today's technology, there's so much more that we can do to help our user to lead a healthier lifestyle and making workout fun!

Extraordinary experience!

A cloud based membership system is a great first step in the console, through logging in your name and password you can see all your workout history anywhere you want. It will record down how much resistance or speed that you have done in the pass and provide today's workout plan for you. Reminder can also be sent via mobile devices or wearables telling you that it's time to hit the gym. Rentals would also be a great method where the user can reserve the treadmill, so they know that it's waiting for them once they get in.

Another method to logged in to the membership system could also be facial recognition, through facial recognition that can automatically log the user in without typing in password.

More than a Touchscreen.

Through having different sensor inside the equipment could also send messages to service companies that the device needs to be repair. For gym applications, a system could also be established that once the equipment is damage a notice can be display via the screen of the console or even locking down the equipment preventing injuries.

The advancement of AI is can also benefit the user, some of the scenario includes calling up Alexa to speed up the treadmill or even join in a remote class with their favorite instructor. One can even call up their favorite music streaming service and listen to their favorite music. The possibility is endless with 3rd party skill set being development everyday making the console to have new features continuously.

Let's keep it moving

Through using android as the operating system for these consoles, it speeds up the development time and thus reduces the cost compare to traditional console. All the library and sources are already there for use and will over the air updates the device can be constantly receiving new features.

In general the future of the fitness console is a device that constant evolves and know it's users well that interact constantly with them, on and off the gym. Once the device becomes a chain of the IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem, there's so much possibilities with new revenue streams that can be explore. Many startup companies such as Peloton are taking these technical advantage and transforming the industry. There are also other upcoming products that will be utilizing these technologies in which leads to whole new generation of fitness equipment consoles.

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